Surgical Solutions

Many of the listed surgical procedures can be performed with very small incisions. We specialize in the use of laparoscopic surgery techniques including the 3mm mini laparoscope for many of the surgeries that we perform.

This affords our patients a faster recovery, decreased pain and earlier return to normal activity. Please inquire regarding whether your particular surgery can be performed with minimally invasive techniques.

Hernia Repair

I have had the privilege of performing neonatal surgery for hundreds of babies at the Baptist South Medical Center. That early experience translated into me performing thousands of pediatric umbilical and inguinal hernias from around the Central Alabama area. I do not see any need whatsoever for a child 6 months or older having to leave this area in order to have an umbilical or inguinal hernia repaired.

The average pediatric hernia repair takes about 20 mins from skin to skin and the children wake up and go home on the same day. These operations are performed through a tiny incision.

Hernia repair refers to a surgical operation for the correction of a hernia (a bulging of internal organs or tissues through a defect in the wall of a body cavity). Hernia Repair Hernias can occur in many places, including the abdomen, groin, diaphragm, brain, and at the site of a previous operation. There are many different approaches to the surgical repair of hernias, including herniorrhaphy, hernioplasty, and herniotomy. Hernia repair is often performed as an ambulatory procedure.

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