Surgical Solutions

Many of the listed surgical procedures can be performed with very small incisions. We specialize in the use of laparoscopic surgery techniques including the 3mm mini laparoscope for many of the surgeries that we perform.

This affords our patients a faster recovery, decreased pain and earlier return to normal activity. Please inquire regarding whether your particular surgery can be performed with minimally invasive techniques.

Long-Term Venous Access

Long-term central venous access (LTCVA) plays a critical role in the management of cancer patients. Such LTCVA devices are particularly important in providing a reliable venous route for successful administration of multi-drug anticancer chemotherapy regimens and for various aspects of therapeutic and supportive care during bone marrow transplantation. Placement of LTCVA devices not only enables delivery of these complex therapeutic regimens, but it can also dramatically improve cancer patients’ quality of life

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