Surgical Solutions

Many of the listed surgical procedures can be performed with very small incisions. We specialize in the use of laparoscopic surgery techniques including the 3mm mini laparoscope for many of the surgeries that we perform.

This affords our patients a faster recovery, decreased pain and earlier return to normal activity. Please inquire regarding whether your particular surgery can be performed with minimally invasive techniques.


Dr. Wesley Barry performs Thyroid and parathyroid surgery. He has performed over 1,000 of these operations which qualifies him as an expert. There are not many general surgeons who perform these operations.

A thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove all or part of the thyroid gland. Thyroid Thyroidectomies are used to treat thyroid cancer, severe hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease), or an enlarged thyroid (goiter). There are 3 different types of thyroidectomy surgery. A Total Thyroidectomy, used for aggressive cancer, goiter, and hyperthyroidism, removes the entire thyroid. A Subtotal or Partial Thyroidectomy removes half of the thyroid, and is used for treating localized (isolated) or less aggressive cancers. A Thyroid Lobectomy removes approximately ¼ of the gland, and is relatively rare. During a thyroidectomy, the surgeon makes an incision across the base of the front of the neck. The surgeon separates the trachea and the parathyroid from the thyroid, and removes the necessary part of the gland. Patients usually return to normal activities in one week.

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